Before exactly dwelling into the content  aspects, you must first have clear goal and objective and constant focus to improve your business on Twitter. You need to start viewing Twitter as a tool that creates  and builds relationships which are very important for the successful running of any business. 

 Whatever your list goals are, aim to have connections with 5 to 10 influencers and reach a minimum of 200 fans who would really love your content and share them as well. People who love your content are more likely to share them, like them and repost them. Despite laying out and executing a content strategy, one needs to have more interaction happening beneath their Twitter posts. When you buy Twitter likes cheap for your posts, not only do your posts seem to have more interaction, but they get more retweets and shares as well. This article explains how to use Twitter effectively for business.

Step1: Identify the right people

Identify the right target audience and start following them. Those people might find your content more interesting and might follow you back as well.  People fall under two categories: fans and Influencers. You must take a look at people who follow influencers in your niche.You can use Twitter search to find influencers for brands in the nche and check their followers as well. Now that you have already found some influencers in your niche, just pick the ones that have more influence and are followed by a huge number of people. Take some extra care to choose Inlfuencers because they are the ones with whom you are going to interact. 

Step2: Interact genuinely

 Whenever you follow people on twitter, they tend to follow you back if you find your profile appealing along with some interesting tweets. This is the point of time where you need to increase your chances of being followed back by having a clear profile picture and a perfect bio. Make sure to share content that catches the eyes of your audience. You are sure to get more followers on publishing the right and high quality content. Moving further, strat interacting with them which should look more natural . This is possible only when you take a glimpse about their profile, website and find topics that they find interesting. You can also retweet their best tweets to start interacting with them.

Step 3: Share best content

Sharing best content is the third step which gets your tweets the maximum attention from people. You also need to stay active which doesn’t mean your twitter window has to be open all the time. Simply put, you need to know the times when most of your followers will stay active waiting to watch your tweets. People may stay active in different hours of the day, but it is good to post in the morning , afternoon during lunch hours and when people are back home. Scheduling tools available can make the work so easy for you. Curated content of other people, short tips and resources and good quotes are the three types of best content that you must share on Twitter.

Step4: Engage authentically

Spend at least 5 to 10 minutes for the sole purpose of engaging with your audience. This must involve replying to their tweets, interacting casually with your followers and retweet t some of their good tweets. All you need to do is show that you have a human voice and not a bot or a machine.