How To Go Viral On TikTok In 2023?

Stuck trying to figure out how to become a TikTok sensation?

It could be less difficult to put into action than you imagine.

In light of recent statistics, it’s clear that Tiktok can be a game-changer for brands.

Try to ponder that for a moment. A billion people use TikTok every week and spend an average of 20 hours there every single week. There is a generous helping of focus for everyone.

Your videos have the potential to go viral among the app’s devoted user base.

This article will teach you the fundamentals of getting views on TikTok, helping your videos go viral.

Here are seven steps to take to make your TikTok video popular

It’s time to face facts: gaining millions of views through sheer force is impossible.

Keep in mind that for marketing to go viral, it must be natural, genuine, and completely out of the blue.

As a result, you may be let down if you’re hoping to learn some sort of secret technique.

When it comes to getting your TikTok video seen by millions, timing is everything. You still have no control over the TikTok system.

First, make videos in formats that are likely to go viral

TikTok has a variety of video formats, some of which are more popular than others. Consider making the following the foundation of your content strategy.

It’s like asking, “Did you know?” Videos
Interesting fact: nearly half of all TikTok users (49%) use the app because they want to “learn something new”

This is indicative of the platform’s success with educational entertainment. Here’s a great example from outdoor retailer REI, showcasing some of the most frequently misunderstood names of products they offer.

Second, make sure your videos are brief (15 seconds) whenever possible.

Yes, it’s important to stick around for the finale!

Short videos are thought to have the best chance of becoming popular on TikTok. It seems that most of the most watched videos on the platform are under 30 seconds in length.

Furthermore, we understand that videos with higher completion rates are rewarded by the TikTok algorithm.

Third, include authentic human beings in your content.

TikTok claims that creators increase interaction for content. This demonstrates the success of creator and influencer collaborations with brands on TikTok.

It’s not a fluke that most popular brand videos are associated with creator accounts rather than official brand channels. Have a look at @makeupbytammi’s award-winning video for Rimmel London, which has racked up over 18 million views.

Rely on the momentum of current video and TikTok trends

Consider this: 97% of all video views on TikTok occur in the “For You” section. There is no better place to find out what people are talking about and to spot trends.

Current popular music. abilities and tests. Virus-based goods.

It is vital to keep tabs on the above. what’s the issue? Because of the rapid pace at which content on TikTok is created and consumed, most trends there don’t last long.

But if you can ride the coattails of a popular movement, you just might go viral.
Don’t forget to add a description, caption, or hashtags to your posts.

In order to become viral, your content must first be interesting.

There are still tweaks you can make to your videos to increase their chances of being seen. Such as:

Captions. Many people, it’s no secret, watch videos on social media without sound. If your videos have captions, they will be accessible to a much larger audience.
Hashtags. Carefully select your hashtags on TikTok. Tags that are popular with the community or that are currently trending (such as #BeautyTok or #BookTok) can increase your video’s exposure and, in turn, its boost.
Descriptions. It’s a chance to boost participation once again. The use of questions and calls to action often works. And engaging descriptions that make viewers want to read on can do the same.
Put your energy into making your content popular locally.

Narrow your focus to widen your audience.

It seems a little backward, doesn’t it? Listen to us!

The current size of TikTok’s audience makes it likely that “generalist” videos will be lost in the noise. However, focusing on a smaller audience and catering to them with engaging content is a sound strategy.

Maintain your forward momentum by publishing frequently

Remember that social media algorithms tend to favour regular posting. This includes TikTok.

Because of this, brands that post frequently see consistent reach growth. See Crumbl Cookies’s popularity on TikTok as an example.
Continuous posting and participation go hand in hand. The algorithm will view your profile as more credible as a result of this action.

Does anyone know how long a TikTok video needs to be before it becomes popular?

In a nutshell: The answer is nuanced!

No company, media outlet, or individual can ensure that their work will go viral. Getting there calls for a lot of trial and error. Additionally, a touch of good fortune wouldn’t hurt.

In order to get people interested in what you have to say, you need to show that you care enough to put in the effort to create and share content that is both timely and relevant. Depending on your capabilities and the available time, you could make that happen in a matter of weeks.

This emphasises the significance of not only posting frequently but also monitoring your development as you go.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a TikTok sensation?

Again, it’s not impossible to have your video go viral on TikTok.

Putting the aforementioned advice to use can help your videos reach a wider audience. There is a good reason why so many popular brands on TikTok stick to these guidelines.

Are you still learning the ropes of TikTok? Do you want to know more about the definition of “success” in the context of online video? You can count on us to take care of you.