How To Grow Your Following On Instagram?

Anyone can use Instagram, not just famous people and fashion bloggers. Bringing some humour to your brand might be a terrific approach to attract new customers.

When it comes to social media marketing, many companies stop at just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s really bad, because Instagram has a lot more going for it than its reputation for glitz and glamour would have you believe.

Instagram has a lot of potential benefits for your brand if used properly, but it also has some drawbacks that we’ll discuss in a later piece.

Perception is everything

Many businesses might benefit greatly from Instagram because of the platform’s emphasis on visually appealing content. Of course, this is conditional on the nature of your business, but if you’re in the hospitality industry and your establishment is located in the country, you might be surrounded by beautiful natural features. Take advantage of this and use the visual appeal of your photographs to promote your company. In order to attract hungry customers, you should post images of your most appetising items right before lunch.

Develop a larger presence

Instagram is hip and trendy, and for some users, it may be their only social networking platform of choice. Promote your business on Instagram and your reach will increase, exposing more individuals to your excellent offerings.

Dedicated fans

You may expect good engagement on Instagram once you’ve built a dedicated audience with the correct tone. Images from your feed are more likely to generate engagement from your audience if they pique their interest in the goods and services your company provides.

One of Instagram’s many uses for businesses is to showcase how their products are put to use by real customers; ideally, those customers will share images of themselves using your things online and tag your company in them. Since their acquaintances will also be exposed to these photographs, your reach will expand exponentially. This has the potential to snowball indefinitely.

Mr. Fothergill, one of our clients, is a perfect illustration of this. We manage Mr. Fothergill’s Instagram account here at Gravity Digital. Due to the platform’s sizable gardening community, we re-post a lot of other people’s garden photos and updates. People frequently tag us on social media when they use Mr Fothergill’s products in their gardens, giving us the opportunity to spread the word about how fantastic these items are in practise.


Instagram’s user base grows in part because the service is less formal than rivals. In this way, your company can stand out from the crowd. Instead of using the more businesslike Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you could use Instagram to share a photo of your staff having fun on a zipline at a team-building event. Using the app in this way is a terrific approach to reassure customers that there are actual humans rather than robots behind the company.

Having a strong online presence, including a website and social media pages, is helpful when hiring new staff members. When people learn that you value a friendly workplace, they are more likely to be interested in the positions you have to offer.

In all honesty

Instagram now has a function called “live stories,” which is conceptually similar to Snapchat. You can have a one-on-one conversation with your viewers by telling stories in real time. People can get answers to their product-related questions and learn about your brand’s newest offerings in real time.

Understanding who your audience

Instagram can be used as a business profile. This provides your profile a professional look and a connection to your Facebook company page. Email, contact information, and geographical coordinates are all conveniently displayed. Users can simply use these buttons to do the desired activity.

The app’s insights section tracks how many times each of these links are clicked, providing information similar to that displayed on Facebook and allowing you to learn which of your posts are most popular with your audience. In addition, you can examine the profile of your followers to make sure they fit your ideal audience.

Promoting business

With Instagram’s Facebook integration, you can boost your posts and appear in the news feeds of people who aren’t yet following you. Like Facebook advertisements, this will help you reach more people and encourage more interaction with your postings.

Maintain your tally

You may use Instagram’s collections feature to compile groups of user profiles that you follow and engage with. This function consolidates these items into a single location for quick access. You can bookmark posts you like and use them as a model for your own in the future.


Instagram’s most recent update is the addition of an archiving function. This section of your account is private and may only be viewed by you. You can store articles that didn’t do well but that you still want to share here for future reference. You might also keep them and try to figure out why they didn’t work so well by testing them again at a later date.

As we’ve seen, Instagram is a fantastic platform for promoting commercial endeavours. It gives you the opportunity to spread your message to a wider audience. However, there are always consequences to consider. So that you can enjoy all of Instagram’s benefits with none of the drawbacks, we will be addressing those drawbacks in our future article.