What to do if you suspect you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram, and how to find out if you have been?

If you’re attempting to get a larger following on Instagram, a shadowban is one of the most enigmatic and infuriating things that can happen to your account. Many of Instagrammers have complained that their accounts have been shadowbanned, although the company has never verified or disputed this enigmatic disciplinary action.

So, what exactly is a shadowban on Instagram, and how can you stay clear of one? We’ll go over everything you need to know to avoid becoming shadowbanned in the first place, including what to do if you find yourself under one and how to get out of it.

Answering the question, “What is a shadowban on Instagram?”

A shadowban occurs when the Instagram Algorithm identifies your account for breaking its community standards and blocks your material from being visible. When a user searches for a hashtag, a shadowbanned account does not appear in the search results.

Knowing whether you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram

The fact that you likely won’t be aware of a shadowban is one of its most irritating features. You must investigate whether or not you have been reported on Instagram on your own.

The most common false assumption regarding Instagram’s shadowban is that if engagement drops, it must be because of a shadowban. While a drop in likes and comments may be the consequence of a shadowban, it’s also possible that recent algorithm modifications have reduced interaction for all accounts.

There is no hard and fast rule that says a decline in likes means you’ve been shadowbanned, but if you’ve found that only your existing followers see your post and you’re attempting to build your audience and reach new people, you may want to check whether you’ve been shadowbanned.

Verify all of your hashtags

Using a defunct or prohibited hashtag is a leading cause of shadowbans, which we’ll discuss in further depth below. Instagram has ramped up its initiatives to make the service secure for all users. Because of this, Instagram has banned many hashtags for inciting users to share information that goes against the platform’s policies.

Check the result pages of all the hashtags you’ve used in the previous 10–15 posts to make sure your account isn’t connected with a broken hashtag. When a notification appears saying that postings with this hashtag are being hidden for security reasons, you know the hashtag is broken.

Use the assistance of a follower

To confirm whether or not your account has been shadowbanned, you should check how your post appears to someone who is not already following you. One option is to simply request that one of your current followers either stop following you or start a new account. You can choose any path; all that matters is that you stay away from your account.

Now, publish again with the same hashtags. The next step is to visit the non-profile follower’s and check Recents to see whether your new photo with the hashtags you used displays. You should pick a less popular hashtag that isn’t continually being updated. (If you pick a hashtag that already has a million posts, no matter if you’ve been shadowbanned or not, less people will see your own.)

Please check back in five minutes to see whether your post was received. Try this strategy with at least three to five accounts that don’t already follow you. If your comment doesn’t show up, it’s because you’ve been blacklisted in the shadows.

Reasons why you can be under a shadow ban

Similar to the crime itself, the reasoning for a shadowban is elusive and impossible to verify. Experts in the field of social media have seen a few trends among the causes of accounts being reported and subsequently having their reach diminished.

Some of the most frequent reasons for a ban from the shadows include:

  • You have broken one of Instagram’s rules.
  • It appears that you are making use of obsolete or otherwise unusable hashtags.
  • You’re doing anything the system recognises as spammy, like purchasing followers or constantly utilising the same hashtags.
  • The Instagram limit for today has been reached.
  • Reports about your account keep coming in.

The best way to be un-shadowbanned on Instagram

There are a few things you may do if you suspect that Instagram has shadowbanned your account.

Fix hashtags that aren’t working

You should take a look at the hashtags you usually employ in your social media postings. Can I ask whether you’re using any hashtags that have been deprecated or removed If this is the case, please delete all instances of them from your postings and refrain from using them in the future.

Hashtag removal is still required even if it appears in a comment section below the content.

Relax for a while

Instagram daily activities cap at 500. Likes, follows, and unfollows are all examples of interactions with posts. Your attempts to do more than 500 may trigger the algorithm and cause it to mark your high-volume activity as spam. Other, more granular restrictions include the following:

  • No more than 13 new accounts per hour or 150 per day can be followed up on.
  • The daily limit for like content from accounts you follow is 400.
  • You are limited to 5 comments per hour and 30 total comments per day.
  • Up to ten direct messages per hour are allowed.
  • All of these restrictions are aimed towards preventing automated and spammy behaviour on Instagram. You should probably take a 48-hour vacation if you feel like you’ve been clicking the “like” button too much.

It goes without saying that ceasing any artificial Instagram activity, including the purchase of likes, will assist lift any shadowban placed on your account.