Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for marketers to build their brand reach and to maintain an active presence. Marketers can easily understand that Instagram is not just a fairytale platform; it’s beyond that. Lots of business owners invested their efforts and time on Instagram to develop their business. Nearly one billion people use this platform every month. There is no shortcut method to increase your ROI, when it comes to this platform. To get good ROI you need to create an organic engagement rate. You have to build a genuine connection with your followers.

Here look into some specific techniques that lift your engagement rate naturally.

Engagement rate is nothing, it’s all about people’s likes, comments, views, reach, and impressions. A good engagement rate is audience action, interaction towards your posts. 

Identify Your Audience Mind-Set

It is really a challenging task to create great content for your audience. Because without knowing them completely, how one can create content. Instagram insights will provide certain user data and information. That info will tell you how your brand is working with your audience. With the help of that, you can get content ideas, at which time you need to publish and more. 

For instance, if your audience is most fond of jokes or funny things, you can promote your brand or content in a hilarious way. 

Post Attractive Pictures

Instagram is a visual medium, right. Your pictures on Instagram must stand out from your news feed. Sharing eye-catching pictures matters to get the audience’s attention. If you don’t afford a DSLR camera or if you are not a photographer, no worries. You have millions of tools in the market to edit your picture or to add extra Polishness to your images. When you post impressive photos, you will acquire more impressions. If you have an idea to improve your brand awareness, increasing your impression rate will be the right choice. So post more engaging pictures, moreover Instagram Impression increases engagement  and reach on Instagram. If you receive visibility, you can expect lots of new audiences to your account.

Try Carousels Posts  

Carousel content is one of the great ways to generate engagement on your news feed. Moreover, this type of content is popular on this platform. By the research study, it shows that carousel posts get 3.1 times more engagement. Remember, you can allow up to 10 images for your carousel posts.  

Post More Video Content 

Usually, video content receives more engagement when compared to images. Not all your videos have to be perfect or polished. In fact, some people like natural and less edited content. Experiment with different kinds of video, avoid posting the same kinds of content. Behind-the-scenes, how-to videos, tutorials, educational bloopers are some of the ideas you could try.

Write Appealing Captions 

Writing hitting captions is crucial to drag the people to engage with your posts. Instagram allows up to 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags to fill your caption part. Keep it short and sweet. The context in the caption part expresses your brand’s personality and voice. When you create eye-catching captions, it helps to engage more with your content. Through this, you can increase your engagement level. When your engagement level rises, automatically, your audience interaction rate will be increased.

Final Words 

Instagram has many in-build features like story, IGTV, reels. So don’t stick with one feature, try out everything. To maintain a consistent presence on Instagram, posting consistent content is important. If your objective is to shoot up your engagement, then try posting audience preferred content. We believe that these hacks will assist you in expanding your engagement on Instagram.