8 Effective Instagram Story Ideas To Boost Discoverability

Are you sick of using the same old Instagram Stories content? Do you want to increase engagement and encourage repeat visits from your followers?

Look nowhere else!

You’re covered by the 39 original Instagram Story ideas on my list.

I have new and interesting stuff for every subject, from cuisine to travel to fitness. These Story ideas will make you stand out from the competition, whether you’re a business owner, blogger, influencer, or just someone trying to liven up their personal account.

What Justifies Using Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are a fantastic opportunity to interact with your followers and draw in new ones who are interested in your content and specialty.

The right Instagram Stories will allow you to:

  • Expand your audience: Instagram Stories are discoverable, which makes it possible for people who aren’t followers to see your content. This is a terrific method to find new followers.
  • Additionally, every day 500 million Instagram users access Stories.
    Boost participation: The interactive elements of Stories, such polls, questions, and quizzes, promote participation and help you establish a connection with your audience.
  • Displaying your individuality With short Stories, it’s simple to give your audience a behind-the-scenes glance at your life, which can strengthen your relationship with them.
  • Drive traffic: By putting swipe-up links in your Instagram Stories, you may use the platform to increase traffic to your website or blog.
  • Promote goods or services: You may use Stories to highlight new products, post client testimonials, or give your followers access to special discounts.
    Having said that, to maximise the engagement potential of your IG Stories, you must constantly post original, innovative material.

I’ll thus give you some advice on what to publish on your Instagram Stories to get more views and interaction in this article.

Ideas for Original Instagram Stories

Here are 10 inventive IG Story ideas that your audience will enjoy, whether you’re a company marketing a product, a person or influencer providing entertaining content for Instagram.

Post your adventure-related stories on Instagram Stories

Share your adventure stories with your followers and target audience, whether they are about work, travel, food, conferences, goods, a new documentary or movie, or clothes.

By doing this, you’ll encourage them to do new things in life. Such Stories are likely to enhance engagement and receive more views.

Post Your Feelings on Instagram Stories

One of the most popular Instagram Story ideas is to share your mood.

Share your day’s mood with your audience, whether you’re launching a new product, relaxing at home, travelling, or just having a good Monday.

Let them know your thoughts on the day and your life.

You can use Instagram Stories to share your highs and lows, preferences and dislikes, and to introduce yourself to your followers.

Tell your followers, for instance, what songs have been on your mind lately or which location is currently at the top of your bucket list.

Advertise a Post on Instagram From Your Feed

Promote a new post on your Instagram feed by sharing it as an Instagram Story to make sure your followers don’t miss it. Your followers will be able to quickly see your most recent update by doing this.

Promote a blog post or product review using swipe-up links

Promoting recently published blog posts, Reels, podcasts, tweets, product launches, etc. with swipe-up links is one of the finest Instagram Stories ideas.

This is a fantastic approach to increase the number of people who visit your website, other social media accounts, or online store. Plus, it increases the visibility and exposure of your already published work.

Show a Teaser Countdown for Your Event, Book Launch, or Contest

To build buzz and anticipation, share a teaser of your future post, event, video, book launch, podcast episode, etc.

Giving your Instagram followers a sneak peek at your upcoming content or product will help build anticipation for it and keep them interested in what’s to come.

But only reveal a few specifics. The countdown Sticker can be used to let your fans know when a new blog article, podcast episode, or live expert session is coming up.

Go Live with Your Instagram Story

The Instagram Live function is a potent tool for influencers and marketers to interact with their target markets. Real-time conversation with your audience is made possible, boosting interest and views.

By calling out your fans by name when they join your Live stream, you may make them feel welcome and acknowledged. Additionally, you can instantly respond to questions and comments.

You can share the Live feed link on your Stories after going live.

Hold an Insta Stories Q&A session

You can hold a Q&A session on Instagram if you’re a marketer, influencer, celebrity, or professional knowledgeable about a particular area. Additionally, advertise it on your Instagram Stories a day or two beforehand.
Ask your fans to submit questions for a Q&A session by using the questions Sticker on your Instagram Story. To demonstrate to your followers that you care and pay attention to them, post their questions and your responses on your Instagram Stories.

You have two options for responding to their inquiries: either hold a Live stream answering every single one of them individually utilising the questions Story Sticker.

Take part in a trend on Instagram Stories

Is there a recent topic or content trend that everyone is following?

A viral hashtag campaign or people and brands uploading their old photos for the “how it started vs. how it’s going” trend are two examples of what it might be.

Take part in a Story trend if you have interesting content to share.

Utilising popular story themes is a fantastic approach to connect with your audience more deeply while remaining current.