Advertising Strategies for 2023: Leveraging Instagram’s Video Platform

With Instagram video advertisements, you may raise your company’s visibility and attract more clients.

In fact, pictures are what Instagram was designed to showcase from the start. Despite all of Instagram’s bells and whistles, the photo-sharing app is best recognised for its photo filters. Instagram is not just dynamic and rapidly changing, but also seeing a surge in the popularity of video posts.

The daily active user count of Instagram Stories is over 500 million. More than half of Instagram users have clicked through to a company’s website after being inspired by a product they saw on the app. Video advertisements posted to the site are highly recommended for all company owners.

Creating Instagram video ads and how to use them?

Instagram video advertising may be shown in a few distinct spots on the platform. We’ll discuss the Explore, Stories, and Reels settings in more detail down the road.

Setting up the advertisements is a breeze with the help of Facebook’s (or should we say Meta’s) Ad Manager.

Simply navigate to your Page and click the Ad Center drop-down arrow in the Manage Page section to access your Facebook Ads Manager. To access the Ads Manager, select All Ads from the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen prompts.

The next steps are fairly self-explanatory; you’ll be asked to give your campaign a name before selecting an advertising format for your Instagram account.

Choose Your Goals

With the Ad Manager, you may give some thought to whatever advertising goals are most important to you.
With so many possibilities, it’s important to make the right decision. Some contexts are optimal for achieving particular goals.

Please review the goals with me.

Market exposure and exposure to the brand

Obviously, you want people to be familiar with your brand. Both of these indicators focus on how many individuals are exposed to your business’s output. It’s therefore not surprising that they support a wide variety of devices.

Visitor numbers and number of views

Then there’s the traffic, which is a pain for all services. The Shop option is not selected for brand recognition and reach since they are not directly related to making purchases. Yet, if you care only about traffic and video views, only one platform will do.


Engaging with your audience is like shooting with a sniper rifle, as opposed to casting a wide net to attract visitors. Engagement is predicated on amassing as many likes and comments as possible, which is also the goal of the platform with the fewest intended users. In order to maximise clicks, it’s important to publish on the primary Feed and Explore platforms.

Downloads, Prospecting, and Communications

These three goals rely on developing a relationship with the client. So, it stands to reason that they, like engagement, would benefit greatly from the features of Feed and Explore. Nevertheless, they also function well with Stories because of the increased exposure and potential for personal interaction with customers that comes with using that platform.

Changeovers and Catalogue Revenue

The goals here are all about monetizing your Instagram account. This explains why they are able to check off the majority of critical features, including the Shop infrastructure. The primary difference is that catalogue sales aren’t good for video, whereas conversions work well for Reels.

Tips for Successful Instagram Video Ads

If you already know where and how to upload your video, read on for some suggestions on what to include in it.

Mobile-friendly video ad creation is essential

It’s true that you should give some thought to the specifics of your chosen placement, but the issue goes far deeper than that. Instagram can only be accessed via a mobile device. Videos should be either 1080p vertical (1920p) or 1080p square (1080p). How about that time in photography class when the instructor insisted that everyone hold their cameras horizontally at all times? We don’t have that here.

Don’t fumble around and get right to the point

While it is important for your advertisement to seem and sound genuine, its primary purpose must be to convey its message. Facebook and Instagram users are 23% more likely to recall a brand name if it is mentioned inside the first three seconds of an ad, according to a study.

Caption them

Adding a captivating caption is a simple approach to increase engagement with an Instagram advertisement. You may make them more engaging for users by flooding them with hashtags and other pertinent information.

Subtitles and text can assist maintain user attention even with audio-driven locations like Reels. Those who have trouble hearing or prefer to watch Instagram videos without sound will appreciate the addition of captions.

Research the other guys in your market

Always remember that your enemies aren’t actually your competitors. Yet, it is well worth your time to learn about the advertising approaches of competing firms. You may get quick advice and comments on what they’re doing well and what could be enhanced.

To be creative

It’s easier to say than accomplish, for sure. You have to be able to make yourself noticeable in a country where a million scrolls exist (wow, it does seem like the beginning of a mediaeval story). It can be accomplished through the use of novel presentation methods.

Put an end to the difficulty

Brand promotion may be done in a variety of other methods outside simply declaring the brand’s existence. What exactly is the benefit to society? What issues does it help fix? If you want people to watch your commercial, you need to teach them something.

It’s important to maintain uniformity

Never stray too far from your brand’s established tone. You should stick with your established brand’s style and vision after you’ve developed it. Your clientele will. Also, they will likely anticipate it.