How To Make Brand Presence On Instagram Ads?

As 2016 draws to a close, its popularity is as high as ever. Since its inception in 2010, when it was bought by Facebook, until when it released its advertising solution, Instagram Ads, Instagram has seen nothing but success.

More and more businesses are using Instagram Ads, and eMarketer predicts that by the end of 2017 it will have surpassed other social ad networks like Twitter Ads in terms of usage.

Instagram is rapidly rising in importance as a marketing platform. Why? Because pictures are so much more likely to get people interested than words alone. Not only does Instagram advertising make full use of Facebook’s advertising algorithms to produce robust segmentation choices, but this is justification enough. These 7 ideas can help your company get seen on Instagram Ads, so don’t skip out if you want to get the most out of this platform.

Make Your Instagram Ads Stand Out in 7 Easy Steps

Don’t make your adverts appear like ads

It’s cliche, but it bears repeating: good advertising is invisible. Instagram is no different. Ads will perform better if they appear as much like the natural content that users already enjoy.

The more “natural” your advertisements appear, the more engaged your audience will be. Useful tips include the following:

Images with people in them receive 38% more likes than those without, so be sure to include them in your photographs and movies.
Before releasing your advertising, make a number of high-quality, organic blogs on the same topic. This way, the advertisements will appear more natural and be more likely to be clicked on.

Highlight your top-notch material

Want to improve the content’s chances of being read? The method is rather elementary: just choose something you know will be well-received.

Advertise on Instagram by selecting the most successful pieces of your existing organic content rather than developing new material from scratch. If you follow these steps, you may expect a far higher rate of return on any money spent on advertising.

To segment better

One of the many benefits of Instagram advertising is that it integrates seamlessly with Facebook’s massive user base and audience-targeting capabilities, as I’ve already discussed.

To get the most out of it, you need to apply more sophisticated filters than just demographic ones. These two aspects, in particular, deserve your attention:

Similar-minded followers. Like on Facebook, you can tailor your ad to look like it’s already being seen by your present audience. This will increase the possibility that new individuals will be interested in your brand and products since they reflect your present audience’s interests, demographics, behaviours, and occupations.
Remarketing. The Facebook pixel allows you to track your visitors’ actions on your site. Its primary use is conversation monitoring, but it may also be used to better target your advertisements. Website visitors, users who have taken a certain action, or even shoppers who have abandoned their carts can all be used to build targeted audiences.

Always include a “Call to Action”

An Instagram Ad’s call to action button may be placed in the same spot as Facebook’s: the Ad’s bottom right corner. There are a few different ways to customise your call to action with this button; if any of them work for your campaign, use them!

Make use of the zoom feature

Are you familiar with the new zoom feature on Instagram? The network has added a zoom feature so users may examine images and videos more closely. With some imagination, this may be a fantastic method for increasing click-through rates on your Instagram ads.

Get your users involved with your advertising if you want them to stand out from the crowd of boring sponsored content. The zoom feature makes it simple to “hide” secrets in your photographs that encourage viewers to engage with your advertisements. The only restriction is the scope of your mind.

Include video in your strategy

Instagram conjures up mental images of a photo album, but video has emerged as a major force on the site and provides advertisers with some unique opportunities.

Users are more likely to watch a video since it is more engaging than a string of still images. As proof of their popularity, within the first 24 hours after Instagram enabled video sharing, 5 million videos were uploaded and shared.

Do you have trouble thinking of ideas for videos to make? Using user-generated content is a certain strategy. Motivate them to make videos promoting your company and acquire their trust by using their material.

Use carousel ads to your advantage

Remember that you may upload several images to your Instagram Ads campaign while creating your ad! Carousel Ads is an alternative to video ads that allows you to display a series of still pictures.

Telling a story through a collection of photos is one of the most engaging and effective uses of this resource. Don’t just post photos of your items; instead, wow your audience with a slideshow of stunning photographs that convey the tales of individuals who are exactly like them and the experiences they’ve had with your business.