You may have spent a lot of time creating the content for the channel and finding the spot for shooting the video and editing the video. After making so much effort, you will find the products or brands which suit the business for the brand. You need to create videos that can be cross-promoted and shared on other social media platforms, which help in increasing the views for the videos. You need to be proactive about increasing the prospects and which are unfamiliar in the brands. It would help if you created YouTube advertisements that make sure about the content you create and target the audience you have. You can use the ROI for the information which is used. 

 YouTube is the best place for creating PPC campaigns. You have the specific options for the constraints and tons of options available on social media, but you need a knowledge of the possibilities paid. 

YouTube Advertising 

YouTube is owned by Google. Wherein 2017 it announces the changes to AdWords, where you can buy real YouTube subscribers to increase the viewers on YouTube. Most of the YouTube videos are viewed by 50% of them. By using the advertisements, you can target the audience based on the history of Google. YouTube behaves like YouTube, which is already retargeting. By using the campaign, you need to retarget the product or service which is searched, and they can view the ads used in this platform. Users can also see the ad or make the click the ad and can reach the website if they have added the website link in the ads. 

Targeting Keywords on YouTube is less expensive when compared to other Google searches. The per click on the YouTube cost for $0.06 clicks on YouTube. Ads on Google are a little costlier when compared to YouTube ads as the starting pricing for the Google ads is $1-2. Youtube includes the search history, which is cost-effective in marketing for engaging the content in any form of the video. 

Different Types of YouTube Advertisements 

The basic three types of YouTube advertisements are :

  • True view ads. 
  • Preroll Ads. 
  • Bumper Ads. 

True view Ads 

The standard type of YouTube ads is True view ads. Most of the advertisers pay only for the True view ads. The videos can be customizable, which helps in the content in the variety of the content shared. Most of the videos can be customized and the 30 seconds of the video. YouTube provides skippable ads where the ads are a maximum of 12 minutes and a minimum of 6 minutes. Non- skippable ads are a maximum of 20 seconds and a minimum of 15 seconds in length. 

Preroll Ads

Preroll ads are non-skippable ads where you can make a mid-roll before the video, which will be 15 -20 seconds in length. Non- skippable ads are the content in the main content. These types of ads are midway in the videos. 


YouTube ads are the shortest type of videos, and it is just six seconds for the bumper ads. Bumper videos can’t tell the story in just six seconds.