Rebranding An Instagram Business Account- Complete Guide

Your firm is rebranding because, like many businesses eventually do, it experienced an identity crisis. When it comes to social media, how is this intended to play out? Can you tell me about Instagram rebranding?

Rebranding is defined as a shift in a company’s overall public persona. When a corporation realises its image or business strategy isn’t connecting with its target audience, it may opt to start again. Yet, the task is far more complicated than it first appears, and success is far from certain. And I won’t even try to gloss over the facts.

How you handle content distribution via social platforms may be a strength or a weakness during this process. Branding content was formerly disseminated through more antiquated channels such as print advertisements, billboards, and even TV spots before the advent of Instagram. In the past, there was no simple way for businesses to connect with their target demographics, therefore they were not as responsive or pervasive as they are now.

If businesses aren’t cautious, the intimacy offered by social media may utterly backfire on them when it comes to constructing and distributing a tightly controlled narrative. When people are no longer able to identify with a brand they formerly supported, they may get frustrated.

In this day and age, when Instagram is so ingrained in our culture, a rebranding effort is an enormous task. There’s a proper and incorrect way to approach a makeover, and we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Continue reading this post to learn how to successfully rebrand your company on social media.

Plan beforehand

Rebranding your company successfully requires that you articulate its new course with clarity. Form a strategy for rebranding your company’s presence on social media to help you reach your goals. In addition to figuring out what you want to accomplish, you should put in the time and effort required to develop a brand-new content strategy from the ground up, taking into account every conceivable aspect of the endeavour, thinking about a comprehensive PR plan, and finally outlining and scheduling everything.

Don’t rush anything

Warning: individuals resist change. It’s common to upset some people when you rebrand, whether it’s simply your logo or the look of your Instagram page you’re altering or you’re completely switching your business model. The process of changing from your old persona to your new one should be gradual so as to cause the fewest possible ripples in the water (aka what will affect engagement).

A drastic overnight shift may be disastrous unless you’re Saint Laurent. Dropping engagement, an exodus of your fan base, and difficulty breaking through to new audiences are all signs to the algorithm that your content isn’t very good.

Own it

Even though you should go slowly (see the preceding point), you should not stray from your rebranding objectives. It will be tempting to recycle old content that you know gets a lot of attention as you track interaction during your journey. Avoid the temptation of a vanity marriage. It’s a temporary fix that won’t move you closer to your long-term goals once you pivot.

When you’ve decided what you want to accomplish, go slowly so as not to surprise people, and then remain constant in your approach to style, tone, and substance. After the process of image redesign is complete, you can’t afford to be lenient.

Be interesting and useful while announcing your rebrand

Create a social media post explaining the rebranding. There’s no way to prevent initial confusion among your listeners. You must be reachable by direct message, post comments, and email in order to respond to inquiries. The more you engage with your fans, both old and new, the more likely they will be to accept your rebranded persona.

It’s important to reinforce the company’s rebranding efforts by using the renamed voice in all communications.

The possibility of suffering a loss should be anticipated

By the end of a rebranding, nobody is in the same position they were before. There will be bystanders, and in the case of Instagram, it means fewer followers. But don’t give up hope! You’ll get back on track with your growth when these developing pains pass.

You must be ready to embrace the fact that not everyone will approve of your new methods of doing things. Maintain your course because you know it is the right one for your company after it has been carefully examined and analysed. It’s OK to abandon some followers.

At first, it may be upsetting to see those numbers fall, and you may even start to doubt that you’re making the proper decision. But convince yourself that you’ve done this on purpose, that you’re carving out a new niche that will ultimately attract your newly designated target group, and that you’re doing so with great care and consideration. If you put in the effort, those dropping numbers will begin to rise again in no time.

Of course, there will be unexpected and unanticipated outcomes as a result of this procedure. A lot of the time, the success of a rebranding effort depends on elements that are both external to the organisation and impossible to predict. Instagram events should be the product of a well-thought-out strategy, but it’s hard to foresee every conceivable outcome. The key is to be ready for anything.

Every business has its own unique culture and history, and hence its rebranding efforts will take on a life of its own.