One of the secrets to content marketing success is videos. YouTube is the home for online videos, both for regular consumers and marketing professionals. Out of ten web users, eight web users watch videos on YouTube. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. One billion hours are being watched on YouTube each day. For business, YouTube is basically an essential thing, especially for marketing teams. And also, you do not have any other option than to gain more visibility for your videos on YouTube.


No, after how your YouTube videos look, it is useless if no people click on it. So it is very imperative that you do optimize the title of your videos to bring more are useful some tips for creating perfect titles for YouTube videos and buy YouTube likes for greater reach:

Finding the right keywords: title with your keyword tells the crawlers of google what your videos are about. And best keyword tells the viewers and audience what they can expect.
Keep the title short: the ideal video length of titles should not exceed 60 characters. Viewers should see the full title in a glance.
Creating descriptive titles and clear titles: do not force the readers to figure it out; make the viewers know what the videos are abou
Tell the viewers why they need to watch your YouTube videos: they need a very big reason to spend their precious time and view the content. They want to find how they will benefit from your videos. Use the below formulas to come up with the best title.
Find the central idea of your video
Select the title which will answer the very important viewers questions
Search for descriptive and short keyword phrases that address this theme.


Effective YouTube thumbnails will make your channel on YouTube more recognizable and make the users clicking the right way. Thumbnails must be relevant to the title and content of your videos. Include relevant messages, and short descriptions in your thumbnail will help viewers understand what your videos are all about. Catch the people’s interest and tell a story by using the thumbnails. You should make viewers wonder what happens next. Ideally, your thumbnail and title will tell a story complementary together. Here are some helpful tips for customizing the thumbnails.

  • Use emotions: include focus and exciting faces on the eyes.
  • Keep an adhere and consistent look to this style to all your video’s thumbnails.
  • Use the aspect ratio 16:9 that will work better for YouTube players.
  • The formats of the image should be TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPG.
  • Including the titles of your videos on thumbnails as it will help to attract more viewers and more views
  • Only use images with high quality.
  • Use the videos in standard sizes – 19201080, 1280720. Using smaller size videos will look blurry.
  • Use photoshop for customizing the thumbnails. You can use Adwords to know how well your thumbnail will works.