A New Method For Generating And Delivering Executive-Level Social Media Reports Is Being Introduced.

If you’re on the marketing or social media team, you already know how important a social media marketing plan is. However, it might be more difficult to persuade C-level executives that your company’s efforts are worthwhile. It’s crucial to provide insightful reports for your leadership team outside of the CMO to assist them understand your social media strategy and, more significantly, the results of your efforts.

Share with your executive team the key social media data you’ve been tracking

In order to achieve your marketing objectives, you’re keeping tabs on a wide range of social media data, yet the people at the top are only interested in a subset of them. Don’t throw every possible measure at your executives while presenting your performance. Find out what metrics are most important to your C-suite by talking to them, and then take the time to explain what those numbers signify.

Exchanges or Participation

Customers are increasingly turning to social media platforms to voice complaints and request assistance from their favorite companies. More likes, shares, and comments are given more weight by the algorithms of social media platforms. Therefore, engagement is a vital indicator that affects not just social media success but also other marketing initiatives. Your customer success team will be impacted, and you’ll learn which of your most loyal customers might benefit most from being featured in case studies or offered access to a loyalty program.


Even while the number of people that follow your brand on social media may seem inconsequential, it really serves as a proxy for the impact of your brand, at least in the eyes of your audience. Humans are social creatures that rely on the opinions of others; as a result, we tend to give greater weight to popular companies that have a large number of dedicated fans. Having a large number of followers is not enough. Quality is just as important as quantity here. Examine your follower base to see whether they consist of potential customers or if any key opinion leaders are following you. You may use this data to learn more about your target audience and develop a more targeted social strategy or influencer collaborations.

Analyzing Opinions

Mentions of your brand are always appreciated, but not all comments are flattering. It’s important to monitor online conversations about your brand and its rivals to determine whether or not people have good, negative, or neutral feelings. A rival company’s brand may outnumber yours in total mentions, yet receive far more negative feedback. Sentiment analysis may be used to learn useful data for social media marketing and customer service. In order to increase the number your brand is mentioned online, you should urge your executive team to do the same. The Listen module in Sociality.io is a useful tool for monitoring social media for good, negative, and neutral company references.


Your executive team will care about the number of leads and money you make thanks to your social media efforts. All social media URLs shared should have tracking tags so that leads may be monitored. Knowing where your clients are in the funnel can help you determine which leads generated the most return on investment. While awareness-raising mediums are great for the top of the sales funnel, your paid marketing efforts should target clients lower down the sales funnel.

Use an API to integrate social data to a CRM

CRM software that integrates with your social media accounts is essential as customer service and success teams increasingly interact with clients online. With the use of social customer relationship management software, businesses may examine the feedback they get on social media to better serve both potential and current clients. Your C-suite will be interested in the insights gleaned from your interactions with prospective and existing clients on social media.

Sociality.io’s social API may be used in place of a CRM product that supports social integration or in addition to it to collect data from each social network and upload it to your CRM of choice. Using Sociality.io, you may obtain information about your profiles, content, keywords, mentions, discussions, and conversation items.

Getting the C-Suite on Board, Final Thoughts

If you know how to organize and display the data, convincing C-level executives of the value of your social media work won’t be nearly as scary. You can show the C-suite the information they care about by tracking important metrics, customizing reports for various teams, and giving the CEO or another executive access to your social CRM to receive a glimpse of conversions. Utilizing the reporting capabilities provided by Sociality.io may slash the time spent on report writing in half.