Social Media Post Ideas

In addition to the significance of the holiday itself, Thanksgiving is a major event because it kicks off the winter holiday season.

With it, Thanksgiving also enacts a change in the regular state of mind, diverting people’s attention and energy from routine tasks in favour of holiday preparations like gift-buying and spending time with loved ones. This presents a fantastic chance for companies to attract new customers and expand their customer base.

But where do I even begin?

In case you’re stuck for what to post on your social media accounts about Thanksgiving, we’ve provided a few examples below.

Ideas for sharing on social media this Thanksgiving

If you want your Thanksgiving marketing campaign to be successful, even if the holiday itself is only one day long, you should schedule a series of posts leading up to it.

Think of it this way: some people are more receptive to humorous or emotional content, while others prefer more straightforward options.

Including a variety of Thanksgiving-themed social media posts in your content calendar increases your chances of appealing to a wide range of people. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier.”

Below, you’ll find a compilation of some of the most shared Thanksgiving-related posts on social media to date, which we hope will serve as a source of inspiration for you.

The key to keeping your social media followers interested and engaged during the Thanksgiving holiday is to show them that you can think outside the box.

Express gratitude to locals

The continued patronage of satisfied clients is crucial to any enterprise’s long-term survival. Put another way, without them, there would be no company.

Since Thanksgiving is a time when many people take the time to be thankful for the many blessings in their lives, this is an excellent occasion for your company to demonstrate its human side and the value it places on its customers.

Making a heartfelt “thank you” post on social media for Thanksgiving is a surefire way to win over their hearts and strengthen your relationship in a time when genuineness is prized above all else.

The idea may seem like a simple theme, perfect for a Thanksgiving-themed social media post, but remember that it’s crucial for your communities to always feel appreciated.

Customers are the backbone of any business, so it’s important to show your gratitude for them all year round, not just on Thanksgiving.

Begin a contest on social media

Consumers of social media adore competitions. They are largely responsible for the meteoric rise to fame of some platforms, such as TikTok.

A social media Thanksgiving challenge provides a fun opportunity to mix up your usual content schedule and wow your audiences by using your creativity in a new and unexpected way.

You can get ideas for a mechanism by looking at how other brands have handled similar social media contests in the past. Of course, you’ll need to think of something that fits with the specific audience your brand serves.

One last piece of advice for coming up with an engaging challenge before moving on to the next Thanksgiving-themed social media post idea: try to think of something that people can easily relate to and do, while also finding funny.

You’ll get more exposure for your company as a result of the increased interest and participation from potential customers.

Always keep in mind that the key to social media success is content that makes people feel.

Bring out a limited-time offer or seasonal item

Customers’ interest in your brand needs to be maintained at all times, not just during the Thanksgiving shopping season, so it’s a good idea to come up with special promotions or seasonal products.

As novelty is always appealing, these promotional strategies will likely increase goodwill of your followers on TikTok have for your brand. This could be viewed as the icing on the cake.

In addition, by introducing a limited-time offer or seasonal product, you can reach a wider audience and, ideally, convert them into paying customers.

After all, if you have a wide variety of products and services, you can potentially appeal to a wider range of customers.

Take a look at how major brands like Starbucks, for instance, talk about its fall-seasoned products on social media to get ideas for how to promote a promotion or seasonal product for Thanksgiving.

Give stuff away

When people think of the approaching holiday season, the word “gifts” often causes them stress because they have to find something that will make their loved ones happy without sacrificing their own excitement for the season’s bounty.

Promotional giveaways on social media are a great way to increase exposure to your brand, and they tend to perform well organically as well.

As a result, it would be wise to incorporate such a post idea into your Thanksgiving advertising campaign.

There are a variety of ways your business could implement such a Thanksgiving social media post, depending on its industry and available resources.

One strategy is to offer free samples of your products or free trial periods of paid service tiers.

Sample Thanksgiving-themed Social Media Posts

While we’ve already gone over a couple of ideas you can use for your Thanksgiving social media posts to help you get started finding inspiration, we’ve also compiled a list of some more concrete examples to help you along the way.

Concluding Ideas

To maximise the impact of your Thanksgiving social media posts, be as genuine and heartfelt as you possibly can, regardless of the theme you choose to use.

Moreover, try to come up with eye-catching designs and images for Thanksgiving social media posts to increase the likelihood that people will stop scrolling.