An Ultimate Guide For TikTok Analytics

TikTok’s massive user base of over a billion people every month means that its creators have a lot of room to expand their businesses. TikTok has attracted the attention of marketers who see an opportunity to promote products and services.

All of this has made for a setting that’s perfect for budding creators looking to begin their influencer journey.

To make the most of TikTok, however, you’ll need to establish yourself as a prominent content producer. This can be to achieve high volume of users.

You should learn how to get the most out of your TikTok account for this very reason.

The data, insights, and real-time analytics that come with TikTok Analytics make it an ideal tool for this purpose. Take a look at your analytics after a performance to learn more about what brought people to your TikTok channel.

Keep reading because we have all the details you could possibly need about TikTok’s analytics.

TikTok Analytics: What Is It?

TikTok Analytics is an in-app tool developed by TikTok for the express purpose of providing creators and businesses on the platform with access to actionable insights and metrics.

Like any other analytics tool, TikTok Analytics will allow you to track the success of your video.

As a result of user requests, TikTok has implemented a powerful analytics system.

TikTok Analytics: Who Has Access and Why?

To access TikTok Analytics, all you need is a TikTok Business account.

Following the instructions below, anyone with a TikTok account can convert it to a business account. The advantages of upgrading to a TikTok business account are numerous.

In addition to the analytical data that can be gleaned from TikTok, you also gain access to the Business Creative Hub, early access to new features, and exclusive sounds and insights into user-generated video performances.

How to Convert Personal Accounts to Business Accounts

  • Access your profile page once you’ve logged into your TikTok account.
  • Select “Privacy” and then go to the “Settings” tab.
  • At this time, select “Manage My Account” to access your account settings.
  • Select “Switch to Pro Account” to upgrade to a premium subscription.
  • Select “Creator” or “Business” as the next step.
  • Pick Your Field

TikTok Analytics: How to View Them?

TikTok analytics are easily accessible.

TikTok’s analytics interface should feel familiar to anyone who has used the comparable tools on rival platforms.

The Use of Mobile Analytics

  • Get the mobile app TikTok going.
  • Proceed to your profile by signing in to your account.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu that appears.
  • Now go to “Account” by clicking the appropriate link.
  • If you go to the “Account” menu, then select “Creator Tools,” you’ll be able to access the necessary resources.
  • Click the “Analytics” button now available.

Examining Desktop Analytics

  • Utilize a desktop computer to access your TikTok account.
  • Focus on the thumbnail of your profile picture.
  • Now select the tab labelled “View Analytics.”
  • An alternate option is to go to
  • Visit “Business Suite” if you have an organisation account.
  • Clicking this link will take you to some data crunching action.
  • Explain the Various Metrics Available in TikTok Analytics.

Overview, Content, Followers, and LIVE are the primary sections of TikTok Analytics. There are numerous subsets of each metric, each with its own set of numbers.

You can check the necessary options based on the type of analytics you’re interested in.

Detailing what can be found in each subset of TikTok analytics are:

Introduction to Analytical Thinking

If you want a snapshot of your account’s health, look no further than the overview tab in TikTok Analytics. The performance of your TikTok account can be gauged by looking at the breakdown into the categories below.

The Number of People Who Watched That Video

Check the video views tab to see how many times your video has been viewed on TikTok over the past few days. You can see how many people have watched your video over the past 7, 28, or 60 days by looking at a bar graph. Date filters can be personalised.

Views of Users’ Profiles

The profile views tab displays information about your account, such as how many views your video has gotten recently and how many likes, comments, and shares it has received. Profile views can be viewed for the last 7 days, 28 days, 60 days, or a custom date range, just like videos.

You can think of the content analytics tab as an expansion of the overview tab, but with much more concrete information on the performance of your content. Check out the content analytics metrics (below) to learn more about your TikTok profile and how you can improve it.

Analytics for Content Production

Curious as to how popular your most recent upload was? The content analytics system has you covered with its support for video posts. See how well a single video, or the 9 most recently uploaded videos, did during a given time frame.

Percentage of Time Spent Watching Videos within Each Chapter

To learn more about how people are discovering your video, head to the Video Views tab and peruse the Video Views by section.

Global Analysis of Video Viewing Interest

Check out the video views by region to see how far your TikTok video has travelled around the world.

The Most Popular Videos

The trending videos are almost ideal for doubling down on successful content. Here are the nine videos that have seen the greatest percentage increase in views over the past week.

Normal Viewing Duration

You can learn how long, on average, people viewed your videos by reading this section, which contains all the information you need.

Time Spent in Playing

The total amount of time spent watching your video by all viewers is displayed here.

The Number of Followers: An Analytical Study
Having more TikTok followers is a surefire way to become more popular on the app. This is why the Followers section of TikTok analytics is so well-liked.

Improve your growth on TikTok by learning more about the demographics of your audience with the help of follower analytics.

Analytics under the “Follower” umbrella include the following:


Through the “Followers” section, you can learn exactly how many users are subscribed to your feed. The net follower information tab can also give you an idea of the number of new followers and unfollows you’ve received over the past week.

Rate of Expansion

Curious as to how much your TikTok following has expanded? Learn how many new or lost followers you had in comparison to the prior time period by clicking on the “growth rate” tab.


The gender breakdown of your audience is detailed in this section. A pie chart showing the distribution of followers across genders is displayed in the gender tab. Having a more complete picture of the gender breakdown of your target audience will help you fine-tune your content strategy and increase your profile exposure.

Actions of Followers

Insight into the peak viewing hours and days for your TikTok channel are provided here. Learn more about the times and days that your followers engage with your content the most. This can help you publish content when your audience is online and more likely to interact with it.

Live Analytics

This only applies to those TikTok creators who broadcast their videos live. Here you can find a wealth of information about the success of your recent live videos, whether they were broadcasted once a week or once a month.

Total Number of Views

Find out how many people watched your video between two specific dates.

Full Cycle Time

This chart provides a statistical overview of the time you spent hosting live videos during the specified time period.

Fans Just Discovered

This data shows how many people joined your audience as a direct result of watching your live video during the specified time frame.

Exclusive Audiences

Viewers who have tuned in to your live video at least once are represented graphically here.

In terms of total viewers, this ranks first.

The peak concurrent audience size for your live video during the specified time period.


TikTok’s digital presents are diamonds, and users can give and receive them at any time. During a live broadcast, viewers can send diamonds to any creator, and that creator can then redeem those diamonds for real money.

In what ways can TikTok Analytics be helpful?

Like any analytics tool, TikTok Analytics comes with a number of advantages.

But unlike most analytics, TikTok Analytics gives you a clear picture of where your growth could be improved in a matter of seconds.

TikTok Analytics makes it simple to improve your content by providing in-depth metrics. TikTok Analytics has many advantages, and here are a few more:

  • Optimizing your content can increase interest and participation.
  • See which content types generate the most interest, and focus more on those.
  • Find out when your TikTok followers are most active and post the most engaging content.
  • Learn how viewers are coming across your video to boost your lead generation efforts.
  • Learn more about the impact of your posts.
  • Recognize your audience, and give them what they want.
  • Keep an eye on how big your TikTok following gets.