How To Use TikTok As Part of An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Realizing this, companies and groups are investigating ways to leverage the platform’s addictive nature to spread their ideas farther. Hasbro, a toy and entertainment corporation, has recruited its own Chief TikTok Officer to choose and organise content for its Nerf blaster line. Read on if you’re looking for a starting point for your next influencer marketing initiative.

Targeting Today’s Customers

As consumers’ habits have changed, reaching out to them now takes creative strategies. As the price of smartphones drops to unprecedented lows, the mobile penetration rate has reached a new high. Most of these people belong to the discerning Millennial and Gen Z demographic. For obvious reasons, smartphone apps like TikTok represent the future of marketing for many firms.

The Benefits of Using TikTok for Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, the most popular social media app is TikTok. In addition to having almost a billion downloads in the past year, the social networking app has also produced thousands of influencers among its ranks, such Charli D’Amelio, Michael Le, and Khaby Lame, making it an ideal platform for marketers to implement an influencer marketing campaign. The short-form video format and the communal character of the platform’s producers are both conducive to the growth of online communities and the establishment of new friendships. As of March 2019, more than 41% of TikTok’s user base was comprised of people in Generation Z. This makes the platform an important one for advertisers targeting a younger demographic.

It is the job of influencers to sway the attitudes of their followers or readers towards particular products. Modern customers are less likely to appreciate ads that focus on the product and have carefully considered branding. Users and creators alike like chatting it up on TikTok, which helps the two communities bond naturally. It is possible to influence people’s opinions in a way that causes them to favour a certain brand or product.

Once upon a time, companies would hire a marketing firm to develop commercials and spend much to promote them. Although this method of promotion is still successful, influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok may get similar results while spending a fraction of the expense.

Companies are actively seeking out customer feedback and locating influencers that share their core beliefs and messaging. This development characterises influencer marketing and how companies and consumers work together to promote items.

TikTok Is Not Like Other Social Applications In Many Ways

TikTok is, at its core, an ideal venue for companies to work with social influencers. The primary motivation for joining the network is still the same as it is for joining any other social media platform: sharing experiences with others. These experiences are the fundamental driving force behind the information that gets viral which in turn leads individuals to amplify it to their own networks. The authenticity of the material produced by influencers is a major selling factor for their fan bases. People are more likely to engage with content that has a raw, unrefined vibe.

Success in influencer marketing is where TikTok shines.

So, how does TikTok differ from other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook? On other sites, you can only reach your friends and followers. Yet, TikTok is aimed at such networks as well as a larger audience of complete strangers. TikTok’s influencers have a greater impact on a wide variety of viewers because to the platform’s use of AI and other algorithmic features.

The strategy increases the brand’s awareness among the individuals who view the material by capitalising on the attention of a larger audience and the power of influencers to alter customer behaviour. Brands should engage in influencer marketing because of the relationship that can be established between influencers, customers, and the company. Brands benefit greatly from the combined power of influencers and TikTok’s massive audience when they want to get their messaging out there and build customer loyalty.

What sets TikTok influencers apart from the rest?

The question is why users prefer unpolished content on TikTok over that which has been carefully selected by experts. Appealingly “flaw-some” influences. While polished, carefully chosen, and visually arresting advertising will still play a significant part in marketing, the ground principles for content on TikTok are different. Consumers can more easily relate to influencers and celebrities who promote their “imperfections.”

The next wave of customers has also given rise to a new crop of opinion leaders. Consumers may relate to these influencers since they are regular folks who become famous on TikTok. Owing to this relatability, Millennials and Gen Zs value the honest voices of influencers.

Younger generations (Gen Z and Millennials) pay close attention to the stories being told in online content and use their interactions with influencers and companies to provide their perspectives. The dynamic between them is altered by their mutual interaction. There is a certain “trust” established when influencers, businesses, and consumers work together so closely. The more authentic and approachable a TikTok influencer’s content is, the more “trust” may be built between the company and the viewer. That’s the secret sauce that gives influencer marketing on TikTok its competitive edge.