12 TikTok Post Ideas To Gain More Followers

At this point, you would have been exposed to TikTok as well. It’s a well-liked social media site for sharing videos, and its users regularly produce innovative and humorous content. It boasts hundreds of millions of monthly users on Android and iOS and is extremely popular among youngsters.

Over the past few years, its popularity and prevalence have skyrocketed. TikTok has only been around for a short amount of time, but it has already seen significant shifts in the types of videos its users are willing to broadcast.

Video Concepts for TikTok

This article will discuss the many video formats that may be used on TikTok to increase your popularity and the number of followers you have. Come on, we need to get started.

Social Media Challenges

At this time, we feel confident in assuming that everyone has heard of the ice bucket challenge. This kind of challenge has the potential to spread rapidly across several channels. If you want to become popular on TikTok, you’ll need to take part in training challenges and upload appropriate videos to your profile.

To take things even farther, you might try coming up with your own challenge and posting it online in the hopes that it would gain traction.

Video Content Based on Current Hashtags

Making movies about current events is another fast approach to increase your TikTok audience. It’s easy to find hot hashtags on TikTok and use them as inspiration for your own video. Copying a successful formula increases the likelihood of success because the target audience is already familiar with the source material.

Videos of dancing

There’s a good chance that dance videos will be the most viewed content on TikTok. Dance videos are ubiquitous, appearing in media of all types and sectors. Every day, creators all over the world use TikTok to share their dance skills with the world and encourage others to join in. Get on this bandwagon as quickly as possible if you have a passion for dancing, especially if you want to gain more fans.

Song Imidation

TikTok made it common practice to lip sync to music, and sometimes users will even reenact a scenario from the music video. Whatever strategy you use, lip-syncing videos will increase your TikTok profile’s exposure and popularity.

Spoofs on Conventional Conversation

Incorporating well-known lines from films into lip-sync videos is another fun option. Many of the most watched ones feature amusing reenactments of movie dialogue, but this is by no means required. Basically any dialogue will do. You can do this by yourself, or you and a friend can team up. It seems to reason that the more original and engaging the conversation is, the greater the number of views it will receive.

Production of Artwork

Aspiring artists who want to share their work on as many websites as possible should to capture a video of their creative process, speed it up so they can finish it more quickly, and then upload it. The best thing is the wide variety of creative uses this has. If you have any very imaginative relatives, you can even record them.

To Respond to Questions with Music

One recent trend on TikTok has users showing a question, then having their friends respond with the album art for a well-known song. Usually, if you ask someone the question, they’ll tell you the song’s title. See the illustration below.

Video Content for Relaxation and Pleasure

Strange or banal things might have a relaxing effect on viewers of this video. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok see massive engagement with videos like this. The following is an example of this type of video, as it is difficult to describe its contents.


You may now make a video in TikTok and add voiceover commentary to it later. With such a versatile tool at your disposal, the sky is the limit in terms of your creativity and originality.

Change-Up Movies

Makeup, new clothes, and a fresh cut or style of hair are just a few of the many ways that a person can benefit from a makeover, and we are all admirers of them. The beauty mode filter, where people dress shabbily at the outset and then transform into a completely other style, is one of the most recent trends in this field. You can see a sample of this in the video that I’ve embedded below.

The Value of Working Together with Opinion Leaders

Influencer marketing has had an effect on TikTok, just as it has on every other social media platform. That’s right, you can now incorporate an influential person into your videos and watch as your views soar. TikTok allows you to collaborate with influencers of all stripes, and you can even commission them to make a video especially designed to reach your intended demographic.


TikTok tutorials are extremely common. They’re common on other platforms, but the limited length of a TikTok video means it has to rely on the viewer’s intelligence to fill in the blanks.

Because of this, you should be able to create a short instructional outlining a whole procedure without adding any unnecessary commentary. If you’re worried about going over TikTok’s time limit, you can always speed things up.

Concluding Remarks

The following list of unique TikTok ideas should serve as the impetus you need to launch your own TikTok profile and begin building an audience for your preferred style of content. Make sure to try out a variety of video formats before settling on one, as this will help you hone in on your niche audience and develop your own signature style.